‘The Moon is Ours is at heart a look into the moon as a spiritual, post colonial home. Luci’s research driven illustration practice continues to look at the intersections between music, black identity and cultural heritage. 
Seen here carefully and attentively stitching together the personal, the sentimental and the familial, with Guinea-Bissau’s musical history in and around the War of Independence; particularly the music of José Carlos Schwarz and his song ‘Lua Ki Di Nos’ of which the exhibition title ‘The Moon is Ours’ is a direct translation.
Visually, the work uses archival material (family ephemera: photographs, old passports, notes, newspaper cutouts), and references documentary footage in its characters to paint a series of hybrid imagined narratives. Communities en route in barren lands and steady horizons tell stories of Africa and spiritual pilgrimages to the moon, rooted in the hope that maybe that’s where home is.'

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